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The most important thing to improve in the League of Legends is to control the goal
To be the best in LoL you must be able to compete against the best, only then you will find flaws in your strategy and exponentially improve your ability. For this, you should choose Cheap LoL Boost, upload the level quickly and take our advice.  The first and most important thing is to level up. We speak of a system to place those who have more skill in battles in which they face each other, and also to cleanse the community of others who are dedicated to bothering, insulting or obstructing the rhythm of the game. 

You start at honor level 2, a point from which you earn the same key fragments as always, but your goal is to reach higher positions. In level 3 you get capsules and badges of honor for the loading screen and in the 4 you get the load screen badge, finally, in the fifth you get even better rewards. Taking advantage of our review of the game of Riot, you may also be interested to know which are the best teams of League of Legends in Spain in 2017 or, going on a more global scale, you may also want to discover the best champions of this year.

The most important thing is to play games and not do nonsense to avoid possible penalties; Earn fragments of key and go raising your honor, remembering to vote at the end of each game (there is an extra bonus if you all vote) and avoiding any trick above all. Riot is very serious with the frauds and could block your account.  One of the tricks to play in the high levels of the game is to increase your FPS, making them constant. This way you will begin to notice that you play better and that you attend more to all the information that occurs on the screen. One of the tricks of the League of Legends guide is to press Ctrl   F to see the average rate of images per second.

If you can not reach 60 fps in the game, you should review your graphic settings in the video options of the game and, ultimately, see if it's time to change your graphics card or your computer. It's relatively easy for the game to run at 60 fps at 1080 and you do not need a pointer PC, so Cheap LoL Boosting is the best. Reviewed the basics, the most important thing to improve in the game is to control the goal. Adapt to the nerfs and buffs that come to the game through updates, learn which counters work with the hero you are wearing and vice versa. One of the best tricks of the League of Legends guide to be the best happens, also, to know all the nomenclature of the game itself, so that communication is quick and instantaneous.
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