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So Rtings ruined it for me, when are you over buying?
"I should get 4k TV" not thinking those few words would lead me down one deepest rabbit holes I've ever jumped down. Follow me on my journey too!
I saw it at the time I didn't know what model number or anything it just  looked good  to us. So I decided to like all tech purchases, let me do some research ...  BAM holy cow this website is awesome independent research, no cherry picked TV's what consumer heaven is this ?!
So my goal was absolute best HDR movie experience for less than $ 800 (so I thought). Found the P series up my alley Rtings rated it really well, never owned by VIZIO before but Rtings are my guys now I trust them. I believe them. I'm one of them. SLAP  Ok I'm good, buy the TV not happy with it returned it. Back to
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